One More To Go

Trixie radioed…

Well, it looks like we are down to the last race of the year. Before we get to that fact, let’s revisit today.

Congratulations to Mr. Harvick! He was running on a defective battery late was not on full voltage. He needed a push from the wrecker to jump start his car after the late race crash. Tony finished 14th.

I think the Chase has come down to really two drivers Mr. Johnson and Mr. Kenseth. Jimmie just has to finish in the 12th position to claim the championship. Am I happy about this fact? Not so much, but I will deal with. I do have to give him his props. He was at one time 8th in the standings and people were considering him not to challenge for the title including myself. But he has battled back and had some good finishes including the last two. This may be the year that finally gets him over the hump. But all my support will be thrown Matty’s way.

Rumor…DEI to purchase RYR? I am holding on to my thoughts until I see further reports.

Next week will end this 2006 NASCAR season. I will have to fill my Sundays with other activities. I have football. The Cowboys are keeping me guessing as well as my Red Raiders. This also means I will have to find other things to write about here in The Park. Don’t worry…I have lots of things to comment about which don’t usually get discussed during NASCAR season. I am looking forward to next year. Tony will be back in the Chase and I hope with Elliott and The Biff coming in with him. There will be lots of changes to talk about. Will the Chase format get “tweaked”? The only thing I want to see is more points for winning a race. I think Buschwhacking will be looked at as well.

Not only will I be watching the last Cup race of the season next Sunday, but I will also be watching next Saturday the #1 Ohio State Buckeyes vs #2 Michigan Woleverines battle at The Horseshoe in Colombus. This is HUGE!! Depending on when the Busch race is televised, I may have to miss it. I have grown up a Buckeye fan…well since coming out of the womb. I remember sitting with my father watching the Bucks during the Woody Hayes days. I saw OSU gig those Aggies in the 1987 Cotton Bowl. I was thrilled when they won the National Championship in 2002. My fellow Red Raiders played OSU that year. We lost, but we put up a valiant effort. Of course Postman will be rooting for Michigan. That’s right I married a Michigan fan. I just tell my father Postman married up. I love you Postman.

Oh one more thing…YOU ROCK KANSAS STATE!!! You did what my Red Raiders should have done a couple of weeks ago. BEAT UT!!!

That’s all from The Park today.

6 thoughts on “One More To Go

  1. Trixie,
    Your Red Raiders gave a great showing Saturday night in Norman. While both teams made mistakes, and was a hard fought game by both teams.

    I just ‘hate’ that Mad Scientist’s (Leach) offense, very hard to stop.

  2. This game could possibly be the best NCAA football match-up this season. Think of it this way; WR- Minningham(M) vs. Ginn (OSU), the nations most dangerous players when it comes to catching a football. Then you got Troy Smith and Chad Henne. Mike Hart will have a say somewhere, sometime. For the Wolverines this game means everything, and if your Ohio State this game means everything when trying to preserve the National Title.

  3. I hate football.
    Johnson’s going to DNF. Yup….Yup…he is destined to be second forever in his natal chart.

    He is taking calls and emails tomorrw live on XM. Should I email him to just give it up now? He may as well not bother. His scope is that bad. If he does win….Then overcome adversity wouldn’t even come close to what really happed. It would be a Miracle.

  4. Hi Trixie…some Buckeye trivia. The head coach before Woody Hayes was Wes Fesler, he’s also on their all time All America team. He was my wife’s grandfather’s brother…vroom!

  5. Ahh yes, the Michigan and Ohio State match up…what a game that will be to watch.

    It is amazing that the season is almost at an end for racing. It sure did fly by quickly.

    The Phoenix race was a bit boring if you ask me since Kevin pretty much dominated the entire race even with a push start from the wrecker.

    JJ…well it is his to lose but with the way this team has been running all year, the odds are in his favor.

    Have a great day,

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