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Trixie radioed…

Since the 2006 NASCAR season will be coming to an end this Sunday, I have to find things to write about. I might as well get started with some of this randomness that fills my life during the down time between NASCAR seasons. So here I go…just ten things that are randomly wandering my mind this morning.

1. Bobby Knight incident–moot point and too much media coverage. Was the NASCAR media covering the event?

2. When it’s cold outside dress appropriately and don’t bitch when you are freezing especially if all you have on is a t-shirt, shorts, and flip flops. Get a clue! Watch the freakin’ weather channel!

3. If someone works for you and they decide to move on to a better opportunity, don’t treat them like dirt.

4. Thanksgiving is next Thursday and that means the start of the Christmas shopping season. I am already kind of tired of Christmas. These stores start earlier and earlier with putting out Christmas decorations. I am a “one holiday” at a time gal.

5. I was a Garanimals kid. And for the past few days I look like I used the Garanimals to dress my self. I’m not real good about matching things. So perhaps there should be adult Garanimals.

6. It’s Jimmie’s championship to lose. Go Matty!

7. Emmitt Smith danced his ass off last night on “Dancing with the Stars.” I voted. Did you?

8. Ohio State and Michigan will play each other this weekend. Oh by the way…Ohio State is ranked #1 with Michigan right behind them at #2.

9. Postman is running for President of his local letter carrier union. Good Luck!

10. Red means stop people. When the light turns red STOP!!!!

3 thoughts on “Trixie’s Ramblings

  1. I am going to put the voodoo curse on the #48 this weekend. I hope it helps.

    I mean that’s what I did last year and we all saw what happend last year at Homestead.

    Go Matt!

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