Trixie radioed…

It’s week three without NASCAR.

I never realized how productive I could be without NASCAR. I woke up early this morning and began cleaning. I cleaned out the frigerator (needed to make room for some things), organzied cabinets and did a load of dishes. Side story–a glass fell onto the floor and broke into many pieces several weeks ago. I thought I got all the glass, but apparently there was a rebel shard of glass just waiting…waiting for the day to land in the middle of my foot. Damn…it hurt!!!

Next up on my road to productivity was making Oreo balls. I snagged the receipe from over at Education in Texas. The mixture is now chilling in the newly cleaned fridge. I will finish them up tomorrow. Can I just say…when making this yummy dessert, make sure you have a really BIG bowl. I mean when you try to mix 3 bags of Oreos and 4 boxes of cream cheese, it can get somewhat a little messy.

I then made my peppermint bark. I made this last year and it was a bit hit. Very yummy stuff. While waiting for the peppermint candy to harden, I headed to my next batch of candy…buckeyes. They sort of taste like Reese’s Cups, but only…well…better. You make peanut butter balls and dip them in chocolate leaving on the top showing. They look like buckeyes. But you can eat these and you won’t die. The real buckeye is poisonous.

And finally…I made sugar cookies using my gingerbread man cookie cutter. I thought they looked a little bare so I decided to decorate them with icing. I have never claimed to be the best cookie decorator, but they weren’t half bad.

I then took a look at my kitchen…ugh…I wanted to scream! Pots, pans, dishes, and utensils everywhere. So I dove in and cleaned the kitchen AGAIN.

I haven’t been that productive this week. I do know the game of musical crew chiefs is still in full force. Matt Borland will leave Penske and head on over to Michael Waltrip Racing to be crew chief for Dale Jarrett. And not to be outdone, Doug Richert will join Red Bull Racing as Brian Vicker’s new crew chief. Best wishes to Greg Biffle who sustained a dislocated shoulder during a testing session at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Kudos to Kyle Busch for helping out Biffle.

Well…what will happen next weekend? How much more productive will I be? Only time will tell…perhaps I will take on that bedroom closet that that needs organizing.

3 thoughts on “Productivity

  1. WOW — -wanna come over and help me with the attic 😉

    LOVE THE COOKIES — and yes, you are a great decorator !!!!!!

    I’ll put down $10 to say the closet will be done … maybe not this weekend but definitely before the first race of the 2007 season !!!!

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