Who Knew..

Trixie radioed…

Who knew I still had more to do this weekend….a couple of weeks ago I decided to change a few things in The Park. Well, I finished things today. The layout is pretty much the same, but I changed the colors along with the picture in the header and footer.

The picture is a close up of cars that are sitting in my NASCAR room. Notice which car is in the foreground??? Behind is Elliott Sadler’s #38 and then Mark Martin. I used Gimp to change the color photo to what you see in The Park. I think it is pretty cool. I am still trying to figure out how to make the title look differently, but I am tired. I still have a few little things to work out, but I am saving them for next weekend. I mean I do need to pace myself with all this activity.

I did watch a little football…WTF happened to Indianpolis???? I did watch the New Oilers (aka Houston Texans) vs the Old Oilers (aka Tennessee Titans) play today. It was a pretty good game–went into OT. Vince Young (former UT Longhorn) scored the winning touchdown for the Titans. I don’t care too much for UT (well because I would have to turn in my alum card to the TTU Alum Association), but Vince Young has some skills.

That’s all for now in The Park.

3 thoughts on “Who Knew..

  1. Love your new layout! Sort of an upscale Trailer look! I wish I could figure out how to add stuff to my blog…I’m still living in the slide ruler era! Vroom!

  2. Thanks. It took me awhile to figure out things too. It’s more of changing the original template to fit your needs.

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