Trixie radioed…

I just want to say I understand how things can be delivered to your house later than you wanted or not at all. I know with the amount of volume things can be damaged or broken–BUT–you would think this would not happen to me. I mean after all Postman works for the company. But sadly this is not the case.

I ordered a candle to help Ms. H with a fundraiser for one of her kiddos. I paid for the candle and when she told me it was on its way I was excited. It arrived last Friday, but was unable to retrieve it from where it was being kept. After work yesterday I picked it up and was hoping to light it last night. As I began to “break” my way into the box, I heard something rattle. I thought how sweet of Ms. H to include other things in my box. To my horror…that rattle sound was nothing so special. It was my candle. That’s right…my candle was in pieces, well…not the candle but the container that actually held the candle.

I looked at the box and it wasn’t damaged–that’s a always a good sign. It had fragile on the outside of the box. Now, is this the postal code for throw it around like a rag doll? I am still convinced that “Do Not Bend” is code for “Bend the crap out of the thing and shove into your mailbox”. Luckily Ms. H had insurance on the package and something can be done. I can still use the candle, but that isn’t the point. I would also like to point out that I am married to a fellow postal employee and know lots of fellow employees too. They are all wonderful people who do their jobs every day, but I’m just saying…FRAGILE means FRAGILE.

This was not the last of my dealings with the postal service yesterday. I know I should have sent the packages sooner, but when you have people in your life who have majority of what they want and usually buy it when they want Christmas shopping can be a chore. So a lot of times we wait until the last possible moment, but come on 30 minutes in line with only 2 windows open??? I think not. And I would have thought Postman (who was still in his work uniform) would have some kind of edge. NOPE…NADA! Oh well…I would still rather send things USPS. I mean after all they do help pay the bills.

Merry Christmas ya’ll.

3 thoughts on “USPS

  1. I mailed 4 packages of candles:
    1 went to Central Missouri.
    1 went to Clovis, NM.
    2 went to Lubbock, TX.

    They were all packaged in similar fashion…and marked with the apparently indefinable term, “Fragile”.

    Of the four….only one arrived at its destination in anything but pristine condition.

    I think, perhaps the postal employees somehow KNEW that that particular box was going to Postman’s address….and made sure that they played some SuperDuper Extreme Reindeer Games with it.

    Perhaps Postman shouldn’t have made so many “Friends” at his job…


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