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I don’t usually talk a lot about my personal life here in The Park. If I do talk about those in my personal life I try to protect those who are stars of my posts. My job is OFF LIMITS here in The Park even though I have several stories that I could share that would make you laugh so hard you would pee your pants. I have seen the ramifications of what a blog can do to somone you work with. The Park is mainly about my passion for NASCAR. I do apologize for the not-so-NASCAR entries of late, but my focus has shifted a little bit in the last month. I am going to be pouring the passion I have for NASCAR into another passion of mine–being a mother.

Postman and I have tried for the last few years to have children of our own with no luck. Without going into any kind of detail, all efforts have not worked or they have become too expensive for us. We have decided there are kids out there that need a family and well…we want to be their family. We have started the paperwork process. I am very excited about this process. We have decided to go through the state of Texas for adoption. So I am crossing my fingers that Postman and I will have our own little family this time next year.

I hope everyone had a great 2006 and here’s wishing everyone a wonderful 2007.

7 thoughts on “Adoption

  1. I am so excited for you two…I can’t even stand it!! You are going to be amazing parents. I just wished you lived closer to me so I can more easily spoil the snot outta the child. (And most definitely offer the kiddo someone to talk to in those “My parents are seriously retarded” moments that all children have!)

    Much Love!!

  2. May God bless you both in this endeavor. You obviously have the love a child needs, and there are lot’s out there that need it.

    Did ms. h just call you guys retarded? (joke)

  3. Yes–Ms. H is a wonderful friend of ours. I consider her my sister.

    She is going to make a great “aunt”.

  4. Congratulations! Adoption is a wonderful thing, and I know ya’ll will make great parents. God bless!

  5. I looked at a house today that has a pool….just think — the Rugrat could come visit me, the Cool-Aunt-With-A-Pool!!

    I find it HYSTERICAL that my mystery-word for the verification is “ditech” !!! NO JOKE!!

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