NASCAR Fans…continued

Coming out of Turn 4…

As I was driving in this Tuesday morning, I was able to listen to a replay of an interview with Marty Snider, David Poole, and Mr. Seaquist on Sirius NASCAR. I would like to say thank you for agreeing to an interview to clarify your remarks. You discussed your argument against ISC building a track in your fine state and your points were valid. I don’t want to be viewed as someone who doesn’t accept other points of views on things. From the start of the interview you were asked about your infamous quote. You stated this quote was not intended to be about NASCAR fans, but you were referring to the ISC. Now, let me chew on this a bit.

I try not to get political here in The Park. I will debate racing issues (i.e. COT, restrictor plates, DEI, aggressive driving) all day long with you here in The Park. I don’t, however, want to turn my site into a political forum. We all have opinions about things and I choose to keep my political views off this site. But here’s the deal…Mr. Seaquist is a politician. I don’t usually care for politicians. I know there are those out there doing a bang up job for me in my home state of Texas and in Washington DC. That’s why they get my vote on Election Day. I am aware the press can take things that seem unimportant and run with it. But here’s a my view, I am just tired of it all. I am just tired of politicians saying something and then back peddling. I said this, but it was meant to be taken this way or it was taken out of context or it wasn’t directly meant for you. And then there’s the ever popular and a personal favorite of mine…no comment. I listened to Mr. Seaquist’s interview and I respect his viewpoint because he made valid arguments for his position. Mr. Seaquist next time you voice your concerns about this issue take time to think about how you say something. Some times taking a few moments to think about your words makes a difference.

Thank you.

2 thoughts on “NASCAR Fans…continued

  1. Nice Blog! Thank-you for stopping by Rev’ Jim’s and leaving a comment. You cleared me up on a few points, because I didn’t have the whole story before I went with it, (gee, I wonder if the NY Times will hire me!).
    I’m glad I found your blog.

  2. Politicians?…it’s like what Bill Clinton said, it depends on what “is” is!

    Check out SparkyPlug!

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