Operation Bunny

I don’t usually talk about the “work place” here in The Park. I can tell you have would lots of material for months, but I want to protect the innocent, mundane, and the down right stupid from further humiliation and ridicule. But when it comes to reeking havoc on a fellow co-worker, well that’s just worth sharing with everyone.

Computer Guy noticed two stuffed bunnies in Newbie’s office. CG made the comment about how you know what happens when two bunnies get together….thus Operation Bunny was born.

All this week–CG, Pony, and myself have been leaving bunnies on Newbie’s desk. Chocolate bunnies, marshmallow bunnies, PEEP bunnies, toy bunnies…you name it we left it. Bunnies would just appear magically on her desk when she left her office.. She claims that her bunnies are gay, but I highly doubt it.

However, today Operation Bunny will end (boo hoo). CG, Pony, and myself have decided to dump the final mounds of bunnies on her desk for one last HURRAH!


2 thoughts on “Operation Bunny

  1. you should have done a huge bunny cake …. (evil grin/laugh)

    have a great weekend !!!!
    Don’t freeze you tushies off 😉

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