Movin’ On Up

I am not surprised. From the day Dale announced he was leaving DEI, we all knew he wanted to go to a team that would help him win a championship. And here we are today…Dale will now become a member of Hendrick Motorsports starting with the 2008 season. I can’t say I do not blame him. That’s why Roger Clemens went to the Yankees the first time around. He too wanted to be on a team known for winning championships. If you want to be at the top of the mountain you have to be with those who will get you there. As someone who doesn’t claim to be part of the Earnhardt nation, I feel I have somewhat of a different view of things. I have always believed Dale will win a championship and now he will have what he needs to get that accomplished. I know the Earnhardt nation will have to take some time to digest all of this. Dale wanted to be with a team that he feels comfortable with and I think he has found that place. He will have pressure on him to perform, but not like at DEI. He was the driving force at DEI and at HMS it is Jeff Gordon. I know Jimmie just won a championship, but bottom line Jeff is the top driver at HMS. I would hope all those Junior fans will stand behind and support their driver’s decision. A true fan stays with a driver through the good times and bad. My gut tells me majority of his fans will stand behind him and support him on his decision, however there will be a few who will suddenly jump ship because of his decision. You don’t have to like all of his teammates to support Jr. As mentioned before, I am a fan of Roger Clemens, but not the Yankees. I have been following his career since he pitched at (dare I mention it) the University of Texas. And I would like to think this would happen with all his fans.

I didn’t get a chance to hear the press conference because I was the Ft. Worth Museum wandering through the Star Wars Exhibit, but I was able to hear some clips on Sirius. Rick Hendrick has the upmost respect for not only Dale Jr., but his entire family. Mr. Hendrick will do everything in his power to get Dale Jr. what he needs to win that championship he so craves. I am not surprised that Kyle Busch is the one vacating HMS. I just think it is time for Kyle to move on. I think Kyle has the driving talent to be competitive, but he can be a bonehead. There is a team out there that will hire Kyle and for all we know he has found that place.

I am intrigue at the look of HMS. Can you have that much talent and egos on the same team and be successful? I guess you can…just ask George Steinbrenner.

2 thoughts on “Movin’ On Up

  1. I’m stoked for Jr. I was never a big giant fan until watching him race his ass off last November at TMS. He fought and fought in that race and earned my respect. I think he’ll win more with Hendrick. I really do. They’ll do what it takes to help him be a winner. It will be a wild ride.

    How was the Star Wars thing? I plan to go in a few weeks.

  2. At first I was not happy about JR going to Hendrick. But now I realize that this is probably the best move for HIM!

    And as a JR fan, I am happy to see him make good decisions.

    Yes, I will still strongly dislike Gordon and Johnson…


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