Open Mouth and Insert Foot

It’s hard out there for a Tony Stewart fan, but he understands our pain.

Tony said a curse word on national television during a post race interview with ESPN. He should be fined and docked points because there has already been someone else in the garage area fined and docked for uttering a similar profanity on national television.

update—$25,000 AND 25 DRIVER POINTS for uttering that obscenity.

Off the NASCAR page for a moment…I was saddened to hear from my husband yesterday that former San Francisco 49ers coach Bill Walsh had passed away from a battle with leukemia. He was instrumental in creating the West Coast Offense and winning 3 Super Bowl titles that propelled the Niners to a dynasty in the 1980s. Postman a died hard Cowboys fan can still cannot watch clips of “The Catch”. The NFL has lost a legend. Rest In Peace Coach Walsh. If you see Tom Landry, tell ’em this Cowboy fan says “Hi”.

2 thoughts on “Open Mouth and Insert Foot

  1. I don’t blame him for saying it – especially with the crap that the media puts out about him just because he doesn’t kiss their collective backsides.

    What that ESPN commentator said after Tony’s first win was out of line – and yet, being in the media, he has the last word.

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