NASCAR Fans Unite

Yesterday a co-worker sent me an article from the Charlotte Observer entitled “Congress Considers Concord Hazardous?” (by Lisa Zagaroli) I read first few sentences and became quite peeved.  I was not aware that you needed shots to attend a NASCAR event.  I guess I missed that memo from the Center of Disease Control. 

In article it explains how the House Homeland Security Committee was planning a fact finding mission about the public preparedness at mass gatherings.  They decided to choose two events, the race last week in Talladega and this weekend’s even in Charlotte.  Apparently staff aides for this group were “advised” to get a range of vaccines (which including hepatitis A, hepatitis B, tetanus, diphtheria and the dreaded influenza ) before attending these events. 

I can understand the need to conduct research to see if our public health system is prepared for a mass outbreak, but why just these two NASCAR events?  There are lots of other sporting events this committee could have attended (i.e. Super Bowl, any college football game, the OU-UT game last weekend).  Once again as a NASCAR fan I have to defend myself as well as my fellow NASCAR fans.  We are not a health hazard.  I have attended several races at TMS and the only health hazard I have come in contact with is second hand cigarette smoke and perhaps some exhaust fumes.  According to Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss), these immunizations were common for those who work in the health care profession and since the staffers were going to be in contact with health care facilities these immunizations were recommended but not required.  Seriously? 

I am just tired people.  Why is it that I as a NASCAR fan have to justify myself for choosing a sport I love to watch?  I don’t see people who are football or baseball fans having to defend themselves.   When people find out I am a NASCAR fan they immediately assume I am some hick from the sticks.  Some may look at the name of this blog and think I am buying into the stereotype, but if you personally know me, this is not the reason I named the blog Trixie’s Trailer Park.  I have to admit I thought about changing the name of the blog several months ago.  But after much discussion with Postman and a few others, I decided to keep the name and the way I intended this blog to be.  I can’t change who I am.  I love living in the South.  I am proud to be from the Great State of Texas and I love being a NASCAR fan.  That’s who I am.  If you want to think I am hick from the sticks then you are entitled to your opinion.   By the way I am headed off to Urgent Care clinic today to get my immunizations just in case I come in contact with some narrowed minded political types this weekend.

On a side note…Congrats to Ryan Newman for getting the pole this weekend!

3 thoughts on “NASCAR Fans Unite

  1. Bennie Thompson, the Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, claims that he was only suggesting the same precautions emergency workers would take, but why? I ask. There have never been any reports of outbreaks at any NASCAR racing events, and the staffers wouldn’t be participating in emergency services functions anyway.
    It was just more political posturing.
    Trixie, would you like to join a NASCAR bloggers group? I just started one at Blog Catalog, and the url is I think we could come up with some good ideas for the group. Please check it out, and see if you would join, you would be in good company.

  2. We need more hicks and rednecks.. :)..anything that involves politicians should be ignored and given the comtempt it deserves……I wouldn;’t count out Smoke yet.. It would be a hell of a comeback but the way things have gone this year in the chase..who knows what’s going to happen….

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