Race 8: Texas

p1010190.jpgI really wanted to be in Ft. Worth this weekend to make my annual pilgramage, but now I am glad I didn’t make the trip. It would have been a long miserable trip back to Raiderland. THAT driver won–enough said. There’s nothing left to say of today’s race except enough already. I get it. There ARE 41 other cars out there. I say to the rest of the field, stay home because you won’t get any air time. Why don’t we just have the #24 and #48 on the track because it seems that’s all the broadcasters care about these days. I hope Jeff Gordon wins the championship. I am just tired of hearing about THAT driver. Did anyone see Jeff holding his daughter during the prerace cermonies? How cute was she? Of course when you have a beautiful momma and a handsome daddy, you will look that cute. She definitely hit the gene lottery. Tony didn’t do too bad today. It wasn’t as good as last November when he dominated the race and won, but he had a decent day. So on to other things….

The truck race was pretty exciting. A late crash takes out the two contenders for the Truck championship, then on the restart takes out the driver who was going for his first win…next thing you know you get Ted Musgrave who hasn’t won in awhile come away with the victory. The truck races at TMS always never disappoint.

Congratulations to Kevin Harvick, last year’s Busch champion, for winning yesterday. Too bad it didn’t carry over to today’s race.

Way to go Cousin Carl for winning your first championship. You had the championship pretty much all season.

I hope everyone of my buds who were in Ft. Worth this weekend had a fun one. Looking forward to seeing the pictures!

I did get to watch a little football. I flipped back and forth between the race and the Colts/Pats game. This weekend was a bust all around for me. The Colts lost–enough said. Texas Tech beat Baylor. And how can Oklahoma State let Texas score 24 points in the 4th quarter and lose the ball game? Where was the DEFENSE??? Ohio State is still #1. Looks like it is going to come down to the Ohio State/Michigan game to see who will win the Big Ten. We all know who I am rooting for…GO BUCKS!!!!

A BIG congrats to NAVY for beating Notre Dame in triple OT. It’s been since 1963 since you have beaten the Irish. Who was the quarterback? Someone named Roger Staubach. I think he knew a little about some football.

Only two races left until the end of the NASCAR season. I am a little sad because I will feel lost without my boys on Sunday. I will, however, be able to focus on the rest of the football and other things I have put aside during the NASCAR season. For those of you who read my sight on a semi regular basis, I mentioned that Postman and I are working on adopting. We are still plodding through the process. We are at the end of all the paperwork phase and down to the home study phase, etc. I am hoping we will have children in our house within the next few months. With that said I will be somewhat glad to have this season over this year. I am excited about next year. Last year I had the “Not-So-Championship” Awards. I am still planning to have them. I am currently wading through nominees. If you have a driver or someone you would like to receive a “Not So Championship” award, let me know. There have been a lot of “Not So Championship” moves this season.

Have a good week.

5 thoughts on “Race 8: Texas

  1. I am less and less impressed with the ESN/ABC broadcasts..I had great hope before it started…Time to start gearing up for next year…good luck with the adoption process…cheers

  2. I figured out ESPN’s problem–They are more focused on personality than they are on the race or the cars and drivers. It seems that the booth bunnies, pit reporters, and technical tutors are in a contest to see who can get the most words in between the commercials. The other stuff is secondary.

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