Almost the End

Only two more racing days left.  I wanted to watch the truck race, but my desire to find some books to read during the off season and the fact I really don’t have any interest in hearing about JJ all weekend.  I did find one book and I hope I can get it read during the off season.  I have time since I will have Sundays free.  Congratulations to Ron Hornaday and KHI for bringing home the Craftsman Truck Series championship.Oh yea…Jimmie has the pole.  I will be watching football tomorrow.  The big Ohio State and Michigan game is on tomorrow.  GO BUCKS!  My Red Raiders play the Sooners tomorrow on national television.  Tech doesn’t always play their finest football when a national audience is watching.  This is our last regular season game of the year.  I would love to see us win, but the Sooners are a strong team.  Mike Leach’s was fined by the Big 12 $10,000 buckeroos this week for his remarks regarding officiating in the Big 12.  Since Oregon lost last night to Arizona, Kansas holds its destiny in their own hands.  Was anyone surprised that A-Rod is still a Yankee?  I can’t say that I am.  It was much ado about nothing.Barry Bonds?  I don’t care.  You lie to the grand jury and obstruct justice, you should be punished.  Did he use steroids—only Barry Bonds knows.  Either way baseball will never be the same.Thanksgiving is around the corner and I for one am looking forward to spending time with good friends and eating yummy food and watching some football.And no you won’t have to pull me from the ledge after this weekend…I have survived the previous off seasons and I will survive this one.Take care… 

One thought on “Almost the End

  1. I don’t have football to fall back on, because the Broncos really suck this year. I mean, what is the difference between a vacum cleaner and the Broncos? You don’t have to plug the Broncos in.
    Maybe hockey. That’s sort of like racing, in that it has guys going around an oval and knocking each other into the wall.
    Yeah, that’s the ticket.
    I am going to watch the race Sunday. Jimmie’s on the pole. Maybe that means his luck has finally changed.

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