Can I HELP you?

UGH…I hate Christmas.  I don’t really hate the idea of Christmas and what Christmas is all about.  I just hate everything else that comes with Christmas.  I don’t mind shopping for presents, but it seems no matter how much I try to plan ahead I am shopping at the last possible moment to find that SPECIAL present for that SPECIAL someone.      

I had a plan yesterday and I was optimistic about it.  I found two photos of a group photo of my great-grandmother, grandmother, mom, and me.  One was taken circa 1971 and the other circa 1991.  I wanted to get copies of the photos, put them in a picture frame and give them to my grandmother for Christmas.  I decided to head on over to one of our local Walmarts to take care of this.  I needed to get a few more things as well.  I get there and I kid you not, the dumbest people on the planet were trying to do the same thing.  This particular Walmart had FOUR photo machines.  How many were working?  TWO–which just happened to be occupied by said dumb people.  One couldn’t figure out how to upload them.  They started over about 50 million times, well, it was more like 5, but when you are waiting for them to get done, it was 50 million.  The other group managed somehow to get their little storage device implanted into the machine.  I am still trying to figure that one out.  Either way, they had to get one of those Walmart employees to help them out.  As I stood their patiently waiting, I realized this employee wasn’t much help.  She took another 10 minutes to realize she too had no clue. 

So I decided to head on over to electronics to purchase a new PS 3 game for Postman (yes, he is getting a PS 3 for Christmas).  And they were helpful at all.  No, hi can I help you…blah, blah..and even the checkout person was preoccupied with talking to his fellow worker instead of helping me.  I went back over to Photo to see if dumb and dumber were done and to my surprise…nope still standing there looking as clueless as the Atlanta Falcons offense. Finally I get out of Walmart with very little patience and a new plan. 

Head on over to Walgreens.  It’s not as busy and I could probably get a better quality employee out of the deal.  I was wrong.  Both of their machines had what I think were the relatives of dumb and dumber from Walmart standing before them.  I proceeded to wait becuase they looked like they were almost done.  The lady in front of me gave me this “go to HELL look” for whatever reason.  I was talking on the phone to a friend of mine, but that was it.  Was she copying secret photos or something?  I didn’t feel like waiting so I headed hom–exhausted and irritated. I should have just scanned them at home, uploaded them to, and ordered them online. Any way…I have, believe it or not finished with the majority of my Christmas shopping.  I still have a few more things, but all in all it’s DONE! 

So now, I am going to sit back and toss back a couple of shots of whatever adult beverage I have in the house and enjoy the rest of the Yuletide season!

One thought on “Can I HELP you?

  1. what is it about this town and very computer challenged getting to the machines before you do :??????

    Sorry that was so difficult … hope that you are able to get it done soon 🙂

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