We Are the Champions

Congratulations to the New York Giants!

I wanted the Giants to win yesterday.  As much as it would have been interesting to see the Patriots go 19-0, I just couldn’t physically cheer for them (I am Colts fan.).  I was sad to see Wes Welker miss out on a Super Bowl ring.  He was the only person on the Patriots I cheered for yesterday.  Wes played at TTU and so it would have been so cool to see him win his ring.  I believe if the Patriots had won yesterday, he would have been given the MVP award.  The Giants took the Patriots to town last night.  The Giants pressured Brady and sacked him 5 times.  The defense never let up!  They rocked!  All the pre-game stuff and everything leading up to the game was all about the Patriots (well, from my point of view).  Everyone thought the Patriots were going to win this game.  They were the favorites in this game.  Some might say the pressure was on the Giants, but I don’t believe so.  The pressure was on the Patriots.  After they were 18-0 going into the Super Bowl and to be considered (in my opinion) one of the greatest season, they had to pull off the victory in the Super Bowl. 

I felt the Giants could have beaten the Patriots the first go around if not for the Brady/Moss pass in the 4th quarter.  And Brady conncected to Moss late in the 4th quarter to take the lead for the final time of the night.  I was a little worried with under 3 minutes to play if Manning could pull of that kind of winning drive.  I kept yelling at the tv…”channel Peyton”…”channel Peyton”.  I mean his big brother has had a few winning drives in his time.  I still don’t know how Manning escape the clutches of the Patriots defense and what an awesome catch by Tyree.  That reception changed everything for the Giants.  And finally the winning touchdown pass from Manning to Burress was beautiful.  The Patriots didn’t give up.  Brady tried to connect with Moss for a long ball, but the defense for the Giants once again stood and took charge. 

Some may say (New England Pat fans) that Giants ruined the Patriots perfect season, but I disagree.  The Giants came into that game last night and KICKED ASS–NEW YORK STYLE!  The Patriots were outplayed…bottom line.  And from this Cowboy fan to the New Giants…well done!

Congratulations to the New York Giants!

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