Not Much Longer

Not much longer until the racing gets underway at Daytona.  Postman and I were talking about the race on Saturday and both of realized those racing in the Shoot Out may gain a little bit of information on how the new car will react in race conditions.  Granted this race isn’t as long as the 500, but I know it will be useful for all the teams competing.

In case you haven’t heard, you are either living in some cave somewhere out in the middle of nowhere with no electricity and/or cable hookup, Coach Bobby Knight has resigned as the coach for Texas Tech.  I didn’t go into much detail in my last post about Coach Knight.  It was a sudden turn of events, but not surprising.  Some people may think it was not good timing to walk away with 10 regular season games left, but I can see the understanding.  His son Pat Knight needs to get his coach feet wet.  I mean he is taking over the team and this is a way to do it.  This will give him some important information to build on for his first full season as head coach next year.  I am sure the players are disappointed The General will not be continuing as their coach for the rest of the season, but it’s been a long time coming for the General.  He will be missed in the coaching ranks, but he will not be far away from the fray.  He just won’t be standing on the sidelines.  Now he can be like the rest of “civilians” and enjoy just watching the game.  I for one have and it has been a great ride!

Coach Knight’s legacy will live on a long time.  He knew what was important.  He felt the word student was the most important part of student-athlete.  With today’s pressures of winning and succeeding, sometimes the student part gets overlooked.  It was important to him his players went to class and graduate.  Say what you want about Coach Knight, all his players are better men for having known him.  We may not always agree with his tactics and perhaps question his methods, but he was one of a kind.  If I had a son who wanted to play basketball for Coach Knight I would have no second thoughts about it.  I knew if my son played for him he would walk out of college with the skills and education to be a better man.

Thank you Coach Knight!

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