I heard my phone ring around 6 pm tonight.  I saw the call ID…TMS (Texas Motor Speedway) was calling.  Now what could they be calling about at that hour?  Perhaps I had won the contest they had been running on their website.  I didn’t get to my phone in time, but I was left a message.  Nope…all hopes dashed…it was just a recording reminding me I hadn’t purchased by tickets for the April race weekend.  I have to give TMS some props, it wasn’t just your usual computer voice recording.  Nope…it was a recording of Kevin and Delana Harvick.  As much as I would love to head to TMS in April, there isn’t much in the old race budget this soon.  But hey, if they really want me to be there, why not have the Harvicks purchase tickets for me.  Oh well…perhaps I could purchase tickets for the race weekend in November.  I mean after all…the government is sending out refund checks.   

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