Happy Belated Anniversary

I can’t believe it has been over three years since The Park was created. The Park was up and running on April 7, 2005.  It started out with very little direction or content.  Since I needed an outlet for my obsession for NASCAR, it has evolved into what you see today.  I have slowly managed to maintain a small readership of friends as well as fellow NASCAR aficionados.  I have had a couple of visitors from other media outlets which I think is pretty cool.  Who knew my little spot on the world wide web would get noticed.  The Park has  lead to spot as a contributor on NASCAR bloggers FT Digest.  

After visiting my friend’s site Molding Young Minds, where she pledged to blog 365 days, I thought I could rise to some kind of challenge like that.   I knew I wouldn’t be able to blog every day, but I have a concerted effort not only to post more times during the week, but also be more than a lurker.  I have been making the rounds on other sites and commenting on posts.  I still lurk on several blogs because they are more fun to read than comment on.  I am sure I have had my share of lurkers as well.  No matter how you have come to visit The Park, thank you for visiting!

Here’s to another year on the web!


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