Kentucky Speedway

I was working on another topic for my post today, but work kind of got in the way this afternoon.  Damn that job!  So I wasn’t able to get back to my post.  I am hoping to get back to it tomorrow and have it posted in the next few days.   But in the meantime…it was announced today that SMI (Speedway Motorsports Inc.) has purchased Kentucky Speedway for what I am sure was a nice chunk of change.  This is the same race track that has been embroiled in a lawsuit with NASCAR for the past couple of years. Bruton Smtih is hoping to have a race date for the track in 2009.  Whether or not Kentucky will receive a race date next year remains to be seen.  I am sure quite a bit of infrastructure would need to be built as well as improvements to the track in order to have it ready for a Cup race.  As we know Bruton also purchased New Hampshire earlier in the year.  He mentioned he would like to see a second date at Vegas (another track he also owns).  So what does the purchase of Kentucky mean for the schedule over the next few years?  I guess we will just all have to wait and see.

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