Bermuda Triangle?

Kyle Busch will be attempting all three races this weekend.  This may not sound unusual, but all three series are in different locations so it will be a challenge to see how all that traveling will affect his on track performance.  But if anyone can pull it off, it would probably be Kyle.

First stop–Texas Motor Speedway.  Too bad I won’t get the chance to head on over to TMS tonight.  If I didn’t leave 6 hours away I probably would head out after work.  Also running in conjunction with the trucks this weekend are the Indy cars.  Not a bad way to start a race weekend.

2nd stop–Nashville–where he will try to keep to win yet another race.

And finally–Pocono on Sunday where he will be going back to back wins this weekend.

Whew…I just get tired thinking about how much he will spend flying to each desination.

Yes, I did.  I am now an offical member of the Kyle fan club.  It’s not too bad.  I have been a member of Tony’s going on my fourth year.  I good some pretty cool stuff with my membership fee ($35).  I got a key chain, autographed information card (you know the ones you can pick up at the track), mouse pad for my office, one of those wrist bands with his foundation website on it, a koozie, a lightweight fleece blanket, t-shirt, but most importantly little packets of M&Ms.  Not bad for my $35 bucks.

I am hoping Tony’s luck will change this weekend and he comes away with a win at Pocono.  If I can’t I really want him to win at Michigan…why?  IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!  That’s right the boys will be racing at Michigan on my birthday.  For those who might now that is also Father’s Day.  So to all those father’s out there, THANK YOU.  It’s kind of cool that all of you want to celebrate my birthday with me!

UPDATE…KYLE BUSCH FINISHES 2ND AT TEXAS.  He started at the back of the pack and came in second.  One race down and two more to go.

One thought on “Bermuda Triangle?

  1. Nice to find out we don’t have to worship Kyle THAT much. Hurry hurry hurry and you blow or go too loose.

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