I am NOT a morning person…let me repeat NOT a morning person.  So when I saw the news brief on Sportscenter about Tony Stewart I was like WTF?

Of course, this comes to no surprise however to me as a Tony Stewart fan.  The rumors started several months ago and now it looks like it has reportedly become fact.  It was reported by Marty Smith that Tony has been granted a release from Joe Gibbs racing and will move over to Haas CNC to become part owner and driver beginning next year.  Tony will formally announce his move today.

More to come later today…

How I really feel about all of this…

You can create this using Wordle. You can either paste something from a post or you can enter your site address and it will randomly create this word cloud. Notice how the words you use more are larger than the other words.  Guess I use Tony quite a bit. 

This one I just typed in my web address…once again notice the size of the word “Tony”

One thought on “Leaving

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