My Favorite Number is 14

It’s official…Tony will be driving the red and black #14 Office Depot/Old Spice Chevy next year.  Tony chose the number in honor of his racing hero A.J. Foyt.

“A.J. has always been my hero and will always be No. 1 on my hero list, with the best part being that we are really good friends,” Stewart said. “We obviously have a tremendous amount of respect for one another. I remember him calling me after I won my first Cup championship in 2002 and I remember how much it meant to have him call that night and congratulate me. We really do have similar pasts and carry a lot of characteristics that are the same. He is one of the greatest icons in racing worldwide and to be compared to him in any way is always a huge honor.

Now what to do with all that orange in my wardrobe, on my car, fleece blankets that adorned by recliner, etc?  I guess I will have to buy new stuff!  That’s right…for those of you who don’t know what to get me for Christmas, birthday, or just because I will needs lots of new Tony stuff!  I am going to like his car colors as well…red and black!  I am so conditioned to those colors.  I mean after all I am an alum of Texas Tech University and what are their colors???  Plus he will have Office Depot as one of his sponsors.  Talk about a match made in heaven for this Tony fan.  I will definitely be able to support this sponsor more.  I am an office supply junkie.  Oh…for all my male friends and family members guess what brand of cologne, shampoo, etc you will be receiving in your stockings for Christmas?

Now that the number and sponsors question has been answered, next up will be the driver to become Tony’s teammate.

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Number is 14

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  2. Congrats to Tony for taking this big step and for understanding the true meaning behind the No. 14. Sounds like he has alot ahead of himself but hopefully can make it work. The cars are far different from that orange in which he made famous, but i like them.

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