The Week

I just didn’t have it in me this week to post about last Sunday’s race. Another rainout for qualifying…that made 9 this season and now with Atlanta…we have 10. And once again Jimmie is on the pole. Makes me think Mother Nature is a Jimmie Johnson fan. I hate to say but this may be Jimmie’s championship to lose.

Tech took to Kansas today 63-21. Texas barely escaped Oklahoma State 28-24. Looks like it’s going to be a hell of game next Saturday night at The Jones. Go Tech…beat the Hell out of Texas!

Work has been interesting to say the least. I am having high school flashbacks. It’s just crazy. I am still adjusting to the changes in my job duties. But I am loving it. Best thing I have done over the last few years regarding my career.

Postman and I are about 20 days away from finalizing the adoption of Little Smoke. I can’t believe it will be here in a few weeks. We have been through so much over the last several years, this is just so surreal.

Postman is having a little health issue which requires surgery. Nothing major, but I am still worried about everything. It’s going to be a rough week for me.

Halloween is around the corner and I can’t believe how fun Halloween can be as seen through a 5 year old’s eyes. I am not a big fan of Halloween, but when you have a five year old it changes your perspective on things. Little Smoke has decided to be Darth Vader this year. He tells people he is the good Darth Vader. We watched Return of the Jedi the other night together and I was a little worried him. I mean this was the movie where both Yodi and Vader die. With him being a big fan of Darth Vader I didn’t know how he would handling the whole death scene. He did ok. He understood the “robot” part of Vader was broken and couldn’t be fixed. Amazing how he understood things…definitely a smart little boy.

I hope I have the strength to get through the rest of this week…I don’t how much I can take before I just break down.

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