Bevo, it’s what’s for dinner!

Raiderland has been a buzz this week.  The #1 UT Longhorns are coming to town to take on my #7 Red Raiders.  This is the biggest game I have seen us play in quite some time.  ESPN’s College Day is also making their first trip to Raiderland.  It’s going to be crazy beginning tomorrow.  I would love to be there Saturday morning with the rest of those crazy Red Raiders.  However to be honest, I would rather be toin Ft. Worth at the moment hanging with all of my fellow NASCAR fans.  

Update on Postman…still in hospital.  I am hoping they will let him go home tomorrow, but you never can tell.  I hate sitting at the hospital.  It’s boring and tires me out.  You wouldn’t think it would, but it does.  Luckily they have WiFi throughout the hospital, but it sucks I can’t get to my favorite game site.  It’s blocked.  I understand why, but it still sucks!

Glad this month will finally be over…October has been hell.   The next two weeks will be crazy as Postman and I prepare to finalize the adoption of Little Smoke two weeks from today. It’s been a long process, but well worth it.

Well, here’s to my Red Raiders, may you kick the crap out of the Longhorns!!!!

2 thoughts on “Bevo, it’s what’s for dinner!

  1. “I would love to be there Saturday morning with the rest of those crazy Red Raiders. ” –> *shudder* Not me. I have FAR too many memories of “UT Weekend” from a hall director perspective. *blech*

    Postman needs to hurry the hell up and get well. There’s candy to be got tonight!!

    Question: Is that a “Trixie Original” picture? And if so, can I “borrow” it?

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