Election Day

vote-button1Today is election day. After months and months of campaigning this day is finally here. No matter which candidate you support for president or any other office, just get out and vote.  I did.

I wanted to post this yesterday, but forgot.  Here’s something I thought I would not see for awhile, but here it is.  That’s right, unleaded gasoline under $2.00!



2 thoughts on “Election Day

  1. Ahhh I am jealous of your gas prices! Here we are still paying about 2.55 (unless you want to sit at a gas station for over an hour for the “cheap” gas at 2.40- one station in the entire county sells it at that and the people flock!).

    I voted on Saturday…because I kept dreaming I forgot to vote. I was stressing so I just early voted and took care of business.

  2. We were at 2.25 a couple of weeks ago. It’s just crazy around here with the way gas prices have decreased, now if other things would drop too.

    Thanks for voting! Here in Texas we have early voting and I voted on the first day of early voting. I am glad. I didn’t want to fight the crowds today.

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