Our Country

Whew…I am so glad the presidential campaigning is over.  I know there are those out there who are happy with the results and some not so happy.  Which ever side of the street you voted on, it definitely has been worth watching over last several months.  This is a time in our country that my son will be studying in school.  Both Postman and myself did our voting during Texas’ early voting period.  Little Smoke joined us as we voted.  I wanted Little Smoke to how important it was to vote and how one vote can make a difference.  I remember going to vote with my parents and how that impacted me today.  I thought it was just the coolest thing standing in the voting booth with one of my parents.  I am excited about the change in America that is now happening.  To see how the whole election process occurs and how one person can become president is worth the effort.  I guess that’s about it.  Thanks for voting!

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