Stewart Hass Fan site

Yes, I am here relatively speaking.  I work at a major univeristy in Texas and this is graduation week.  This is the time of the year that is the most stressful for me with the exception of times in May and August when we graduation again.  Anyhow, I really, really wanted to get the 2008 Trixies posted, but with all this stress I have been so tired at night and I pretty much go home and fall asleep.

If any of you Tony fans out there haven’t cruised on over to, then you are missing out.  You can find all the latest and greatest news info on Tony as well as Ryan Newman and everything Stewart Haas Racing.  The Park is also listed on this site as well, so perhaps I might get a little bit more traffic here in the Park.  If anyone who is new, I would liked to say “Welcome” and feel free to comment on anything you want. 

I am going to try to organize my Trixies this weekend…I said I am going to try between graduation and Christmas shopping, I might just things done this weekend.

Have a great day everyone…oh, I am also going to read up on all the Petty stuff and perhaps comment on it next week.

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