Friday Night

Wow…was that some racing yesterday!!!  I didn’t get to watch yet, but Postman told me it was great racing.  I can’t wait for Sunday! 

Back on December 5, 2008 I posted about some new items recently purchased and won. I also posted about how I had a dilemma I needed to figure out. Funny how that all comes full circle today. Here is part of that post that specifically addresses the moral dilemma I had…

With reference to the 500, I have a bit of a moral dilemma…what would you do? Postman, Little Smoke and myself have been invited to spend a fun filled weekend with some great friends of ours in Ruidoso, NM. Guess which weekend? That’s right folks…Daytona 500 weekend. It didn’t occur to me until this morning. Now, that is the biggest race weekend for all of NASCAR fans. It’s our Super Bowl. What would you do? Would you…

1.  Honor your commitment and have a fun filled weekend without watching the race.
2.  Honor your commitment and make sure you plan events around the race so you can return to hotel to watch race.
3.  Honor your commitment and make sure you can be in your car traveling at the time of the race so you can listen to it on Sirius radio
4.  Honor your commitment, set the TIVO, and make sure no one lets you see and/or read about the race until you get home on Monday, Feb. 16 to watch the race.
5.  Convince Postman to buy Trixie (who he has so lovingly devoted his life to) a portable Sirius radio so that she can listen to the race while enjoying the weekend.
6.  Send Postman and Little Smoke and enjoy a quiet weekend with just you, Tony and the rest of the NASCAR boys.

So…the time is near..and I made a decision. I am going with #4. I know it’s a shock, but sometimes you have to make that sacrifice for your family and friends. I will for the first time Tivo the Daytona 500. I will probably want to know how the race turned out, but I am OK with that. At least I will be able to fast forward through all those boring commercials. I will stop for the ones that look funny or have Tony in them. I did Tivo the duels yesterday and will probably watch them after the Truck race. I love watching Truck series I think even more than the Nationwide series.

OH…..I got 2 packages from UPS today!!! Why am I so excited you ask? Because they include two new Tony shirts and one fabulous #14 sticker for the my vehicle. Delivered just in time for Sunday! And that my friends is what brown can do for you!!!

I don’t know if I will be able to get to a computer until Monday night so have a great weekend, watch a lot of racing, and GO TONY!!!!

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