No Racing

It was weird today without racing.  In fact there was no racing this weekend.  I am sort of glad though.  I needed to catch up on a few things that have needed my attention.  I don’t know how you enjoyed your weekend, but here was my day.

  • Watched the movie “Australia”.  I just have to say I love Hugh Jackman.  He definitely earned his Sexiest Man Award.  I am glad I didn’t see the movie in the theatres.  It was a tad bit long, but I liked it.  Of course I like those kind of movies.
  • Cleaned house.  I really didn’t want to do this today, but why  not nothing was really on television.
  • Watched this past week’s ER episode with George Clooney and a few other ER veterans that have come and gone.  I can’t believe there are only 3 episodes left.  Even though I haven’t regularly watched ER over the last couple of years, I will miss the show.
  • Saw Purdue beat Ohio State to win the Big 10 tourney
  • Watched the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament selection show.  I now have to print my brackets and make my picks.  There were some matchups that are going to be difficult to pick.
  • Watched the new tv show “Kings” on NBC.  It’s rather an interesting show.
  • Made Magic Cookie Bars for Postman and Little Smoke
  • Made dinner…frito pie!  Yummo!

I am now watching the USA play the Netherlands in the World Baseball Classic.  I used to watch baseball on a regular basis.  I was almost as rabid about my baseball as I am with my NASCAR…of course I said almost.

Well, I hope everyone had a productive weekend.  As you can tell I didn’t, but I had a restful one.  I had to get some rest because March Madness is upon us as well as that short track racing.

Have a great week.

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