24 Hours at Lowe’s

I was already to sit down and enjoy my Day O’ Racing on Sunday, but Mother Nature was not having any of that.   She decided to drop quite a bit of rain on Lowe’s on Sunday.  Of course I didn’t mind all that much the race was moved to Monday because I had the day off.  It always gets a little awkward when I have to make that “I’m sick and can’t come into work today” call.  So my Day O’ Racing turned into Days O’ Racing no big deal.  But once again Mother Nature intervened…ugh.  What was her deal this weekend?  

With all the delays and all the rain, the strategy for majority of the teams was pretty much otu the window.  How can you really get a good run going when you have windows of sun and some good racing and then have to stop and watch the rain fall.  The final stop of the day put several drivers up front by not going into pit.  At the time we had no idea if these calls would be gutsy or a mistake.  Many of the leaders chose to come into the pits while some chose to make that gamble.  But as with everything regarding this race it became a waiting game.

I always enjoy the broadcast coverage of rain delays.  It is sort of like a train wreck at times.  I mean they have to talk about something while waiting for the jet driers to dry the track.  Some of it can be quite boring and mundane at times, but others very funny.  I have to say when they showed Tony discussing with Reutiman about his racing I was kind of laughing at the whole incident.  I mean Tony went over to discuss something with Reutiman and it looked like they had everything settled when one of Reutiman’s crew came over to put his two cents in.  I chuckled when that crew member or “Billy Bad Butt” (as Tony put it) kneeled down and kissed the ground.  Very funny stuff.

I knew the last stop for rain was going to be the last one of the day.  The jet driers tried to get the track ready, but the rains kept coming and well no matter what NASCAR tried, Mother Nature was not going to cooperate.  So with that said, NASCAR called the race and declared David Reutiman the winner.  Some fans out there may think he stole a win, but isn’t part of racing putting yourself in position to win.  The leaders had the same opportunity to stay out especially knowing that more rain was probably going to come out.  Sometimes races are more about strategy and rolling the dice than racing.  You have to do what you need to do to win.  

I am not sad Reutiman won.  It was just a matter of time before he did win.  It’s good to see Michael Waltrip Racing come away with a win especially with how MWR started that first year.  He has come a long way from that weekend in Daytona.  It is difficult to begin a race team especially now with all the economic times and the super teams.  But MWR has slowly come into its own.  Congratulations to Ryan Newman for his 2nd place finish as well.  After the trouble on pit road with the lugnut issue it was good to see Newman in the Top 5.  Tony finished 19th. 

My pick for my fantasy league this race was Jimmie who finished 13th.  I am comfortable with that since I still have the lead, but I was hoping to extend the lead out instead I am holding on by 9 poitns I believe.  Dover is the last race of this segment of the my league.  I don’t have too many choices left, but I think I will pick Newman this week at Dover.  Newman has had 3 wins, 6 Top 5s, and 8 top 10s with an average race finish of 10.5.  I think it will be a safe pick.  All I need is a great finish and the person behind have a bad day.  But as with any race it all depends on a lot of factors.  I mean look at last year’s race at Dover.  Once mistake by the #19 and BAM…a lot of contenders gone.  I hope this does not happen this weekend. 

On a personal note, I will be heading out this weekend on a much needed vacation with Postman and Little Smoke.  We are taking a mini-tour of Texas via Waco and Wescalo and other parts unknown.  I will be away from my computer, but will have some access so I will be chekcing in from time to time.  But I won’t let my vacation keep me away from the racing, I mean come on now…priorities here.

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