Still on the road

Still on vacation…only a few days left.

  • Qualifying for Pocono has been rained out…bummer, but that’s ok Tony has the pole for Sunday’s race.
  • Speaking of rain, the Prelude to the Dream even at Eldora was also rained out this year.  What is it with Mother Nature?
  • Double file restarts…love them, maybe it will put some excitement into Pocono
  • Carl Long situation, you know the rules of NASCAR and you know what happens if you don’t abide by the rules.  Is it fair?  Not always, but you can’t have two different about opening a can of worms.  I hope message was sent and received to ALL the raceteams big and small.  Don’t monkey with things.
  • Little Smoke loves the surf and the ocean.
  • Tired of not being able to sleep in my own bed
  • Forgot how easy it was to catch up on soap operas…haven’t watched them in several years…and forgot how cheesy some of them can be
  • Tired of people not carrying their weight
  • Summer time is here and I am ready for school to start already for my five year old

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