Sleepless in Raiderland

It has been a rough 48 hours for me lately.  If you are a regular reader to The Park you know that Postman and I are foster parents.  We adopted Little Smoke in November 2008 and have been having a blast.  By the way Little Smoke turns 6 in a few weeks.  At the beginning of the year we thought Little Smoke’s half brother was going to be joining our little family, but things just didn’t go through like we thought.  But sometimes things happen for a reason and we just have to let God lead the way.  With that being said, we have a new little addition to our brood…a 6 month old little boy.  That’s what I said 6 months.  And I am a little tired.  He is only a week older than Little Smoke’s  half brother.  He is a cute little boy and has the contagious smile.  Sorry folks…can’t post due to legal issues, but you are going to have to trust me on this one.  So right now my posts may be all over the place.  Trust me I am still watching NASCAR and keeping up with things, but for the next few weeks until the routine gets going I will be in and out. 

Congratulations to Brian Vickers for earning his second pole in a row.  I wasn’t sure who I wanted to choose this week on my fantasy teams.  There are so many good choices, but I have to go with who I think can get me the most posts.  In “One and Done” I have chosen Juan Pablo Montoya.  He is a pretty good road racer and I am thinking…points racing…but also since I am mired in the pack what the hell.  This will allow me to keep some of the other high profile drivers for later racers (i.e. Tony Stewart for Brickyard).  I adjusted my other two teams on ESPN and Yahoo.  It’s all about maintaining position this week for me.

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