Hello..is it me you’re lookin’ for?

I am still here plugging away.  The Park has been neglected somewhat and the weeds are starting to grow around the place. 

This is the second week in a row the Cup has been delayed.  I guess Mother Nature is not a race fan.  I did listen to last week’s race and I have to say for a Pocono race is was somewhat exciting.  I wish I could have seen some of the race, but momma has to work.  Looks like I will be doing the same thing tomorrow.  I would love to see the double file restarts coming down into Turn 1, but once again Momma has to work.  I think I feel a cold comin’ on (cough cough). 

I caught the Nationwide yesterday.  Congratulations to Marcus Ambrose for his second win in a row at The Glen.  I like Marcus.  He is a breath a fresh air and every time I see him interviewed he always has something positive to say even when it’s going bad.  I was disappointed at what Kyle Busch had to say about the end of the race.  I have to laugh at Kyle Busch calling out Marcus for aggressive driving.  Are you kididng me?  Now I like Kyle for his driving becuase he wants to win every single race and he isn’t happy that he doesn’t.  He is a passionate driver and damn the man can drive, but his little “oh poor me, I’m not getting my way, taking my toys home” attitude is beginning to wear on me.  He is not endearing himself to me.  But Kyle is Kyle.  Can you imagine if he focused soley on his championship run in Cup instead of running all three series, where would he be?  I had this conversaiton with Postman.  Can you imagine?  I mean if you look at those at the top of the standings, they don’t run in all three series.  I know Tony has in the past and Jimmie occassionally does, but look at those who pull several double duty weekends.  They are at the top and well Kyle may find himself out of The Chase even with those wins.

I have been hearing quite a bit of anti-Earnhardt discussion.  I hate to see him struggle like he has over the past few years.  I know he made the Chase last year, but he didn’t shine at all.  I have many discussions with my friends who are part of Earnhardt nation.  When he was going through his last year or so with DEI, they thought if he was in better equipment all the other drivers better watch out.  Well, here we are folks year 2 of better equipment and he still is struggling.  Mr. Hendrick pulled the trigger and replaced Tony Eury Jr.  It might take some time for the team to feel comfortable with one another.  Also, and I know Junior nation may not like this, but Junior is struggling with a confidence problem.  He was having a good run at Indy and then the engine gave way.  It’s seems like he is taking two steps fowards and two steps back.  I am not a fan of Earnhardt, but I hate to see a good driver struggle.  He didn’t forget how to drive, he just needs some good runs to get back some of that confidence.

I miss The Park. I was able to come here and be myself.  As I struggle with some things right, perhaps I should return more often than I have these past few months.  It might just be the medicine I need.

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