On the eve of Talladega I have been doing some pumpkin carving, watching some college football and the World Series.  I haven’t been posting of late because frankly I have been inspired to post anything.  I was sick all last week with the flu.  It kicked my ass.  Next year when they say get your flu shot, I will be the first in line.  I have also been dealing with saying goodbye to our little foster baby.  We thought he was going to be available for adoption, but they decided to return him to his mom.  My heart aches for him because we saw quite a few firsts with him, but I know his mom has been doing everything to become a better mom and I have to trust her to do what’s right by him.  I keep telling myself God has a plan for me and I have to trust in that.

Now on with the NASCAR folks.  I just haven’t been all that into the Chase this year.  I was at the beginning, but after Jimmie took over the points lead I am just not into it.  I can’t explain it, but I haven’t sat and watched an entire race since the first couple of races.  The media seems to have already deemed Jimmie the champ.  I know this would be historic if Jimmie won his fourth championship, but I am just tired of hearing all the love go to Jimmie.  I am sure there are those of us out there have tuned out NASCAR and I hate to admit I am headed down that road.  I am ready for this season to be over with and waiting for 2010 season to start.  But tomorrow is Talladega.  Talladega can still make or break some of the drivers’ season.  If Jimmie does get caught up in the big one, the other Chasers need to hope they are part of it either.  I think if Jimmie comes out of Dega with the points lead it is going to be hard pressed to find someone to overtake him.  But we shall see tomorrow.  I am still hoping Dega does move everyone closer together and make a decent Chase over the last three races.

There are many out there trying to figure out what the heck has happened to Dale Jr. this year.  To be honest only Junior knows.  There have been times where he has a good run and then either bad luck or mechanical issues take him from a good to day to a crap day.  Perhaps it may be adjusting to his new crew chief.  I mean you have to give him some leeway there.  He has worked with Tony Jr. for years and you just can’t develop that kind of relationship immediately.  The driver has to trust his crew chief.  The driver also has to also let the crew chief do his job as well.  That’s his job…setting up the car.  The driver’s job is to drive the car.  The driver needs to be able to tell the crew chief what is wrong with the car and the crew chief needs to be able to “fix” it for the driver.  It’s all about communication between the two.  Right now that’s what Junior and his crew chief are still trying to develop.  You can’t just expect them to be Jimmie and Chad.  It takes time to develop that kind of relationship.  I am sure Mr. Hendrick believes in both Junior and his crew chief or he wouldn’t have done what he did.  Only time will tell for Dale Jr.

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