Are You Ready For Some NASCAR?

Sorry for “borrowing” the tag line from Monday Night Football…but I am ready for some NASCAR!

Here’s what I found out the local Walmart last night.

I love the Swagger metallic red color.  Don’t get me wrong I love that fact that his Office Deport car is red and black, but the metallic red is just cool! 

I also bought this as well.

I haven’t gone through the entire magazine yet.  There is an interesting article on the Busch brothers.  Notice who is on the cover…not Jimmie, but Tony.  And if you look at the their “Top Ten” notice who is listed as 2nd right behind defending champion…you guessed it, Mr. Stewart himself.  This is definitely different than where is was picked last year.  I can’t remember if it was The Sporting News or another one of the magazines, but one of them didn’t have Tony qualifying for The Chase.  Let’s recall…where did he end up at the end of 2009?  I believe it was 6th.  No bad for a driver who left a championship team at Joe Gibbs Racing to start out on his own. 

I can see why Tony was  a force to be reckon with last year.  He ran a total of 10,468 out of 10492 laps.  That means he missed 24 laps…24 laps.  His lowest point in the standings 8th and that was after a 26 finish at Vegas.  He never strayed out of the top ten in points all year long.  He also ran all the laps in The Chase with the exception of 10 laps (8 at Talladega and 2 at Phoenix).  Come February 14, 2010, Tony will begin is 11 year in NASCAR.  His first start was February 14, 1999 at Daytona.  His finish that day 26th.  If 2009 is any indication, 2010 is going to be even better.

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