Saturday Night Racing

Congraulations to Kevin Harvick for winning back-to-back Bud Shootouts.  He did pretty good considering he didn’t turn a lap in his car up to the Bud Shoot due to his flu-like symptoms. Tony started 13th and if you watched the Bud Shootout Selction Show, you know that Tony doesn’t like the number 13.  Tony looked great all night and ran pretty much up front most of the night.  Hopefully they were able to get some good data for the Daytona 500 on Sunday.

It was a little strange not to see Jimmy Spencer on Speed’s Race Day.  From what I saw Jimmy Spencer will be hosting his own show on Speed.  Kyle Petty has taken over Jimmy’s spot on Race Day.  I like Kyle Petty as a broadcaster.  I am looking forward to see how he will fit in with John and Kenny.  Of course Kenny has enough energy and excitement to light up a small West Texas town. 

I am looking forward to the Duals on Thursday.  Unfortunately I will be at work, but it won’t keep me from listening.  I will be checking them out on  I would love to see Tony win his dual so that he can start near the front on Sunday.  I am hoping for a Tony win on Sunday.  He has won pretty much everything you can at Daytona except the Daytona 500.  From the way he ran in the Bud Shootout, the other drivers better watchout.

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