Auto Club Speedway

I must admit, I enjoyed the racing at Auto Club Speedway yesterday.  I will also admit racing in California is not my favorite thing to watch on a Sunday.  There have been times where a driver gets out in front and well, runs away with the race.  I like close racing where the leaders trade spots for most of the race.  But yesterday was a pretty good race.   I was concerned the race was going to be delayed or even cancelled with rain storms looming around the track.  After last week’s delay, I really didn’t want another one.  I know some times Mother Nature has her own way of doing things, but please don’t mess with my racing.

While watching the race, Postman asked me, “Is Tony racing today?”  I was beginning to wonder that myself.  There wasn’t much talk about where he was during the race, but that usually doesn’t bother me.  Tony finds his way towards the top spots and yesterday was no different.  Tony qualified 16th and finished with a 9th place finish.  Tony is 23rd in the standings, but this Smoke is not worried.  We have only run two races and there is still quite a bit of racing still left for Tony.  Not all was good for Stewart Haas Racing yesterday.  Ryan Newman started out the day 18th, but finished 36th after a blown engine ended his day.

I was impressed with the way all the Richard Childress cars were racing yesterday.  They struggled quite a bit in 2009, but looked better towards the end of 2009.  I know last year testing was a thing of past and perhaps they did hurt RCR a bit.  Last was also the first year for RCR to have four race teams.  Unfortunately maybe four teams wasn’t meant for RCR.  Sometimes more isn’t always better.  Yesterday was a good day for RCR:  2 (Kevin Harvick), 3 (Jeff Burton), 8 (Clint Bowyer).  I really thought Kevin had Jimmie in the last laps of the race, but alas Jimmie took the victory.

A few more notes…Danica did ok. She is still learning. I didn’t get to see the race on Saturday, but the finish sounded exciting. I was listening via my Sirius radio. Why does racing always sound more exciting via the radio than on television? I have always wanted to find another driver to follow. I guess because in case when Tony decides to call it quits I want to have someone in mind. I have tried over the past few years to find one and well, I haven’t been able to really find one. I have several drivers I like, but haven’t quite jumped into their fan base. I guess I am looking for someone like Tony. However, the more I watch Greg Biffle, the more I think I could get on board with Greg Biffle. You can’t convince me to be a Dale Jr. fan so don’t try. However, if you think there is someone else I could cheer for along with Tony give me a buzz.

And finally….I have to give a shout out to another Tony fan and fellow blogger Amy over at Amy’s Bad Groove. She is headed out to Vegas this week to attend the NASCAR festivities. I am excited for her because she always delivers some of the best reporting about her trips that I have seen. I haven’t been able to attend the races at TMS in a few years, but I am hoping to get back there either this November or next year. If you haven’t been to a race, you are missing out on what NASCAR is really about. I have met quite a few people through my passion for NASCAR. I have to tell you we are just like one big happy family. We accept everyone and everyone can root for any driver they want. Sure I am not a fan of Dale Jr., but I am still part of the family. I can be who I am as a race fan and not feel judged. We are loyal and we know how to have a great time. I just wanted to wish you a wonderful time in Vegas this week Amy! Say hi to Tony for me!

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