BK Kids Meal toys

Have you seen them–the Tony Cars at Burger King???? They are the toys now being featured with their kids meals.

I went to one of our local BKs here in Raiderland and let me tell you I was one upset Tony fan. They did not have any of the cars. All I got with my meal, besides the food, was some stinkin’ Crayola fun book! Now what am I supposed to do with that–have fun? I think not people. I guess it will just go where of kids meal toys go to die–in my son’s toy box. I am going to check another location to see if they are up to speed (no pun intended) with the newest toys. What do these people around here think this Tony fan will do, just sit around and wait? I think not. I have lots of people in other cities who can be on the look out for Tony toys. I will have them!

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