As NASCAR Turns…

I wasn’t going to post anything else with regards to the whole Carl and Brad incident, but I have had some time to digest things.  I even went back to read what I posted yesterday and I feel the same way.

Someone once said to me, “the only reason you watch NASCAR is because you want to see wrecks”.  That is far from the truth.  if you are coming to watch NASCAR just because you want to see wrecks, then I don’t want you as a part of NASCAR Nation.  Wrecks are ineveitable in NASCAR.  You have 43 guys racing in 3400 lb cars at 170-200 mph all trying to finish first.  There will be beating and banging, trading paint, and rubbing.  But I don’t want to see ANY driver crash.  I don’t want another driver killed at a race track.  I think that is what bothers me about this whole incident.  I want drivers to be racing each other hard and aggressive, but I don’t want it get to the point where they start using their cars as weapons.  If you have a beef with another driver, park your 3400 pound weapon, get of the car, and take care of it in the pits or behind the haulers.  

I am not naive here either.  I know this goes on in NASCAR and I can point to several incidents in which drivers (my favorite drivers is not immune to this activity) have paid back each other on and off the track.  I have to agree with Amy over at Amy’s Bad Groove.  This wasn’t your classic bump-and-run as we have seen Dale Earnhardt Sr. peform with little effort, this was an, to quote her, “all-out crash and burn”.   I don’t want the sport that I love and obessess about 365 days a year to turn into a demolition derby.  What I do want is NASCAR to allow drivers the freedom to race each other hard on the track, allow the banging of quarter panels, and bumper rubbin’ and maybe that is what NASCAR was saying yesterday. 

I just don’t know.

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