The End is least for the 2010 NASCAR Season

Here it is November and I can’t believe I haven’t (1)posted anything since August and (2)the 2010 NASCAR season is in it’s final days.

Quite a few things have happened in NASCAR since the last time I have posted.  I have definite opinions on things so without further ado…here I go.  Pull those belts tight, kick the tires, and light the fires becuase it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

1.  Kasey Kahne–I guess sometimes you just have to move on.  Hope Richard Petty Racing can remain in NASCAR.  I cannot even imagine NASCAR without a Petty.

2.  Babies and more babies–don’t drink the water as I always say.  Congratulations to all the new daddies and mommies!

3.  Pit crews–I have to give Chad Knaus for having a pair to make this changed DURING the race.  Sometimes when your workers aren’t doing their job as you expect of them you have to make changes.  The crew members need to remember they work for Hendrick Motor Sports.  It’s all about TEAM at Hendrick.  Sometimes that is how it goes.  But if Gordon had not “crashed” at Texas, this midrace change discussion would be moot.  All I have to say is those guys now on the #24 need to show Chad we still got it!

4.  Jeff vs Jeff–I will admit, I loved the fact that Jeff G. made his feelings known to Jeff B. about his “crash” at Texas.   Yes, Gordon did have a little ways to go to get to Burton which in turn made him think about what he was going to to Burton.  But still…it was worth watching those repsected veterans of the garage have at it.  And the fact they had to get in the same ambulance was fun.  I was waiting for the ambulance to start rocking, but no such luck. 

5.  Kyle Busch–Talented driver…sucky attitude.  I just can’t get on board the Kyle Busch fan nation.  He is a talented driver and I think he has been somewhat good for NASCAR.  But damn…quit acting like my seven year old when he doesn’t get his way.  You were penalized for speeding on pit row because you didn’t want to go a lap down.  Hello, you could have raced your way into the lucky dog position and/or done a wave around on the next cauation…or even hell, earned the lap back the hard way.  But noooooo, you decided to throw a little hissy fit on NATIONAL television and tell the officials they were “number 1”.  So, as I explain to my seven year old son, your actions have consequences.  And that’s what you got…consequences. 

6.  Have At It–love it!!!.  It’s produced some great racing and fodder for all the NASCAR shows. 

7.  Jamie McMurray–Last year you didn’t even know where you were going to be and you bust out with wins at Daytona 500, the Brickyard, and Charlotte.  Sometimes a change of scenery makes all the difference

8.  Dale Jr.–I just hate watching interviews with him.  You know how it is when you are at work and are required to do certain tasks.  You don’t care for them, but it’s part of the job.  That’s what I see with him.  I loved watching him win in the #3 Wrangler.  I actually found myself cheering for him.  I guess I wanted to see that #3 in Victory Lane again.  I miss watching his daddy race.  I can’t believe it will be 10 years come February 2011 since we all said goodbye to the #3. 

9.  Tony Stewart–It’s been up and down for my driver.  Like with all NASCAR fans, we all want to see are driver win.  He is currently sitting in the 9th position.  That’s not bad, but I still wish he was racing for the championship on Sunday.  Tony will also say goodbye to one of his sponsors after this season…Old Spice.  Can’t wait to see the  new paint schemes with Mobile 1. 

And finally…

This Sunday is the final race of the season.  This is the closest Chase since the inception of the Chase format.  Denny Hamlin has a slim margin (15 points) over Jimmie Johnson (4-timer and defending champ) and 46 points over Kevin Harvick.  I think it will be Denny’s championship to lose.  I would love to see Harvick overtake both and win it all, but Denny and Jimmie will have to both have something disasterous to happen.  Still, all three drivers have had a season to be proud of.  I am not a fan of Denny Hamlin.  I just haven’t been since he whined about a Nationwide driver racing him too hard.  And well, I don’t want to see Jimmie win ANOTHER championship.  So I guess what I am saying is GO HARVICK! 

As the sun sets on 2010, just remember…the 2011 Daytona is February 20, 2011.

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