The Paperclip

I have to admit I did watch all of the race like I wanted.  I was still recovering from a nasty case of laryngitis and upper respiratory infection.  I know sitting around the house and watching the race seems like a way to rest, but I found it hard to concentrate between all the coughing and drowsiness. 

I have to say Tony’s day was junk.  That’s pretty much it in a nutshell.  Tony finished 34th.  Not exactly where this fan wanted her driver to finish. 

I still cringe at the replay of the wreck between Truex and Kahne.  It is amazing both drivers were able to walk away from that type of crash.  Of all the things that NASCAR has done over the last 10 years since Earnhardt’s crash it has been the safety features for the drivers as well as those on pit road.  I do not know if Truex might have walked away unharmed like he did yesterday.  I have to give props to great sportsmanship to Truex as well. 

Now on to Mr. Harvick.  Even before the race began, all the pre-race shows were all about Hamlin and/or Johnson.  I cannot blame them for talking up these two drivers.  Between the two of them they have won the last 9 races there.  The last time a different driver won the race before yesterday, was Tony Stewart who took the checkered flag at the Fall 2005 race.  Oh by the way, that was the same year he took the championship.  I saw the clip of Kevin passing Dale Jr. and once again Kevin made a clean pass for the victory.  I have read a couple of message boards and I do understand some of the comments.  Can Harvick race dirty?  Yes.  Would he moved Junior for the victory?  He might have.  But yesterday, he didn’t.  I think some of the comments were from Dale Jr. fans who once again disappointed by Dale’s finish. 

I have always been honest about the fact that I am not a Dale Jr. fan.  I have to say I was a little skeptical about the change in crew chiefs with the HMS teams.  But as we all know Mr. Hendrick does not make changes to just make changes.  He knew three of the four teams struggled last year and well, sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures.  I was wondering if this change would help Junior or be another attempt to fix something, well to frank, cannot be fixed.  But I for one am pleasantly surprised how well he has run so far this season.  All you have to do is check out his results in the first six races of the season.  (Note:  2010 result in parenthesis)

  • Daytona–24th (2nd)
  • Phoenix–10th (12th)
  • Las Vegas–8th (16th)
  • Bristol–11th (7th)
  • Fontana–12th (32nd)
  • Martinsville–2nd (15th)

I would have to say Letarte has been able to put Junior in position for a win.  He was thisclose to a win on Sunday.  This has to be a confidence booster for Jr.  For those in Junior Nation, I feel Junior will win a race this year.  Good things come to those who wait.

Up this week…the boys head to my home state of Texas!  Unfortunately I will not be able to make the trip this go around, but I am doing everything I can to get myself to TMS for the fall race.

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