Speed Racer

I haven’t really had time since Monday to sit down and write a post.  This time of the year it is super crazy at work…it’s like trying to get off pit road during a caution flag…total and utter chaos, but it’s a controlled chaos.

As you all know Speed Racer-The Movie opens up this Friday.  I am a big fan of Speed Racer from way back hence my blog name.  So to my surprise when I walk into our local Toys R Us and see this.

That’s right folks…Barbie has put out the Speed Racer and Trixie doll set. 

And yes, I bought it! 

How could I pass this up?  I mean this is my namesake after all.  And one of the scary parts about this…I used to wear my hair like that. 

Hopefully I will get a break in the next couple of days to get something posted before the race on Saturday night, but you never can tell how these things work.