Speed Racer

I haven’t really had time since Monday to sit down and write a post.  This time of the year it is super crazy at work…it’s like trying to get off pit road during a caution flag…total and utter chaos, but it’s a controlled chaos.

As you all know Speed Racer-The Movie opens up this Friday.  I am a big fan of Speed Racer from way back hence my blog name.  So to my surprise when I walk into our local Toys R Us and see this.

That’s right folks…Barbie has put out the Speed Racer and Trixie doll set. 

And yes, I bought it! 

How could I pass this up?  I mean this is my namesake after all.  And one of the scary parts about this…I used to wear my hair like that. 

Hopefully I will get a break in the next couple of days to get something posted before the race on Saturday night, but you never can tell how these things work.

4 thoughts on “Speed Racer

  1. Well, I think my avatar sez it all about my Speed Racer affinities … it’s been 30 years since I climbed into the ‘toon cab and hauled ass that way, but I’ll never forget. The virtual realities the makers of the film adaptation bring (they did “The Matrix”) will make it fun, but only, IMO, half the ride. I still remember that careening background as Speed Racer went into a turn. Yeee-haw. Nobody’s gonna catch me now.

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