Too Tough To Tame

I can’t wait to watch the race tomorrow night. Once again the boys are short trackin’ it. After last week’s excitement, this week should be interesting. I am definitely going to be watching how the #18 and #88 race if they get near each other.

I am also excited about the new racing surface. It will be interesting to see how it affects the race tomorrow night.

“I know the track is going to be awesome,” said two-time Darlington winner Jeff Burton. “It’s just what tire do they have to bring to match the track. I know the first tire there was just incredibly fast, and I think their next tire they pulled a lot of speed out of it and I heard it takes a while to get going. Really, it’s just the first couple laps getting a feel for the tires. That’s how I look at it. I don’t have any answers, I just feel like I have all questions.”

“We all know when the speeds pick up through the corners like that, it takes away from the racing a little bit,” Jeff Gordon said. “The cool thing is, I had a blast. That track is unreal right now. It’s smooth, it’s super-fast, but it’s the same Darlington. The track is just really black right now from the new pavement.


I hope the race is fast and there is a lot of excitement. I know there will be because, well, it’s short track racing. Short track racing…lots of cars and not enough track for all them.

One thought on “Too Tough To Tame

  1. Darlington’s a great track, Trixie. I agree, I can’t wait for tonight’s race, either … and, Stewart’s looking pretty solid once again, so that never hurts!

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