I wanted to post after the race, but was too…well what’s the word…amazed.  Before I get into the discussion on the “hit heard ’round the world” on Saturday, I want to congratulate Clint Bowyer for the win on Saturday!

Now on to what has probably been the topic of discussion on all the message boards, blogs, etc.  In case you missed it…here is the incident that has sparked quite a bit of discussion.

Now that everyone has had a chance to review things let me continue on with my post. I want to begin by stating what I have to say will probalby set off some of those Earnhardt fans out there, but if are a frequent reader to The Park, you know I have never claimed to be a part of the Junior Nation. I am a fan of his father, but that doesn’t mean I have to be a fan of his son.

If you caught the race on Saturday night you knew exactly when Junior took the lead. Thousands of people in the stands cheered. This is a usual occurence no matter when Junior is in the lead. And we all knew when Kyle got behind Junior after the last cauation it was going to get interesting. Kyle does have documented evidence of moving drivers out of the way to win. And if you watch NASCAR on a weekly basis, you knew there was a strong possibility Kyle was going to go for the win. And that’s what happened. Both drivers were pushing their cars to the limit. Both drivers wanted the win, Junior probably wanted it a little more, but that’s what it was–two pasisonate drivers wanting victory. Kyle’s car did get loose if you caught the numberous replays. Could each of them given each other a little bit more room? Why sure they could have, but I wouldn’t have expected them to. The result…Earnhardt is spun and finishes 15th and Kyle 2nd.

With all this talk about the incident, I forgot about Denny Hamlin.  Denny Hamlin dominated the race Saturday night.  He lead I don’t know how many laps of the race, I lost count around 200, but he should have one the race.  He had the best car, but as we always know the best car doesn’t always win.  It isn’t always about where you start, but where you finish.  Not to diminish the win by Clint, but somtimes racing in NASCAR is about being in the right place at the right time and that is exactly what happened Saturday night.

Way to go Smoke for your 4th place finish!

4 thoughts on “Richmond

  1. Hehe. Don’t worry, Trixie … I think emotions were up for nearly ever NASCAR fan in America by the time that one ended Saturday night. The drama level was pretty much maxxed out.

  2. I love short track racing. I think most fans enjoy the beatin’ and bangin,’ unless, of course it is their driver who gets beaten and banged!
    Doesn’t Kyle remind you of our Smoke when he was the world’s most unpopular driver in 2003? I think Kyle is probably more unpopular now than Smoke ever was!
    Still, give Shrub a few years — he will mature, and with that natural talent of his, he will be very difficult to beat.

  3. Can’t wait for this Junior/Kyle saga to play on at Dover!

    You know something will happen, plus a nite race, short track…

    Gotta love NASCAR

    Great post…

  4. I can’t wait for Saturday. You have to love short track racing. Too many cars + not enough race track = tempers flaring, cars smashed.

    It will be interesting to see if the #88 and #18 tangle again.

    And the saga continues….

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