One more

Carl Edwards is done with the silly season before it kicked into high gear. It was announced today Carl Edwards has resigned to driver for Roush-Fenway racing. One free agent down…so many more to go.

Now on to some Friday night racing. I really didn’t watch much of the race. It was on in the background, but to be honest it was mostly background noise for me. I would like to congratulate Denny Hamlin for winning the race from the pole. In the closing laps, there was a caution and race leader Kevin Harvick chose to stay out on old tires while Denny decided to go in to get fresh new ones. This was Denny’s home track and he had never won at the track either in Nationwide or Cup. In the closing laps Denny passed Kevin and took the lead for good. But Kyle Busch was headed towards the front. I changed the channel for just a second and switched back and it was over. Denny was doing his victory burnout. And ESPN was showing Kyle and Steven Wallace “discussing” the race. Of course we all know how tempers can flare at the short track. I am sure they were both called to the “principal’s office” after the race. Congratulations Denny!

I will be watching tomorrow night more closely. I really do like short track racing. With the momentum from tonight will Denny sweep the weekend? Will Junior get his first victory in roughly two years or will his teammate Jeff Gordon come away with his first win of the season? Of course as well all know, just when you think you have everything figured it, you don’t.

Oh…blurb running across the bottom of my tv screen…Eddie Gossage offering a wee bit of money to run at the IRL race in June at TMS.

Just another day in NASCAR….

2 thoughts on “One more

  1. I liked it when Dale Jr responded to that Eddie Gossage offer by saying “I’m not that cheap of a date.”
    It looks like Biffle will be staying with Roush Fenway, too, so this means McMurray is now the one without a ride next year. Maybe Randy Moss will hire him for his truck team.

  2. Oh, Edwards isn’t done yet … still gotta figure out who will sponsor him these next three years, and I have a sneaking suspicion it might be UPS!

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