It Never Rains in Southern California…well, except for Sunday

As the song says…”it never rains in Southern California”…but on Sunday it wasn’t the case.  The clouds opened up and down came the rain.  For Tony Stewart, along with Jimmie Johnson, they were both doing the rain dance for Mother Nature as for anyone else, I am sure they wished the rain would have stopped.  For this race fan I have to admit, I didn’t see much of the race.  I have been very busy the last several weekends and I haven’t gotten a chance to watch much racing.  But maybe I should continue down this path.  Every time I do not watch, Tony has a great race this would include Vegas and California.  In both of those races he has finished first.  I know this isn’t the reason he won those races, but hey whatever works go with it.  The last time I did something similar to this routine, it was back in 2005 and we all know what happened that year.  Anyway, I am stoked Tony has two wins already in this young season.

Last week “The Morning Drive” had as one of their Fired Up Friday topics…who is your biggest surprise this season…Kasey Kahne, Carl Edwards, or Jeff Gordon?  Up until this past weekend, I would have said probably Carl Edwards.  I mean after he his run last season, I would have thought he would have taken the momentum and continued through this season.  But he hasn’t been lighting it up. Kasey does have high expectations because he is now in the Hendrick stable.  But as with any new job location, you have to get used to your co-workers, environment, etc.  And some of Kasey’s issues haven’t been of his own making.  So, it make take a few races or so for Kasey to catch his breath.  I will keep watching  So that leaves Jeff Gordon.  This past weekend everything that could go wrong did.  Here is how Jeff has finished in the races so far this season

  1. Daytona–40th
  2. Phoenix–8th
  3. Las Vegas–12th
  4. Bristol–35th
  5. California–26th

He is currently sitting 25th in points…151 points from 10th place.  This doesn’t mean he won’t be challenging for a Chase position, but if he wants to be there he is going to have get back to the Jeff Gordon that finished 8th in the final standings in the 2011 season.

Ok people…enough with the Jimmie Johnson/Chad Knaus drama.  The decision was made whether we all disagree with or not, build the bridge and let’s all move on.  That’s about all I have to say on the matter.

Bristol…see above about my feelings.  We have had another race since the Bristol race.  Elliott Sadler made a good point about Bristol today on Sirius Speedway.  Even if Bristol is changed, it won’t be the Bristol we all want back.  There are probably lots of factors that go into the why people were not at the race at Bristol.  But just the same…let’s move on people and talk about the upcoming race at Martinsville.  We can talk about Bristol when we go back to Bristol in August.

I listen to Sirius NASCAR radio most of the day.  People call in and talk about anything and everything.  Most of the time the people who call in stay on topic, make good points and our fun to listen to.  But dang it…I wish those select few (and we all know who you are) would think about things before calling in to voice your opinion. Here are some helpful hints for those callers.

  • Don’t tell us how many years you have been a NASCAR fan.   It doesn’t make you a better fan than me.  It just means you have been following the sport longer than I have.
  • Don’t try to be funny just to be funny.  You are not Jeff Foxworthy!
  • When the radio personality says your name and where you are calling from, that is your cue to speak.  It is not your cue to say, “Hello, am I on the air?”  If the announcer is speaking to you and not the call screener, you are on the air!
  • Stay on freakin’ topic!  If the show is about the upcoming race, don’t call and start discussing the race from two weekends ago.
  • Don’t call in and trash other shows, people, drivers, etc.  The radio personalities work in NASCAR.  They personally know many of the NASCAR drivers, spouses, etc.  You don’t and even if you do, don’t brag about it.
  • Get to the point of your call!  Don’t start with some long drawn out story that takes forever to get to the point you are trying to make.  Make your point and move along down the road.
  • And one last thing…turn down your radio!  It’s kind of exciting to get through to these shows to speak your mind.  Trust me I have been there.  But when you have the radio up so you can hear yourself, it echoes and well, it makes for a horrible listening experience for everyone.

I will get off my soap box about people who call into NASCAR radio!  I would like to thank all the personalities on the radio, you all make me laugh on a daily basis while keeping me informed about all that is NASCAR!  You guys and gals rock!

California Dreamin’

Matt goes all last year without a win and how does he start off 2009? Two wins in a row. I was very happy yesterday since I picked him to win for one of my fantasy racing leagues. It was a little bit of gamble since both Jeff G. and Jimmie run well at California and off course you can’t forget that #18 car or any of the other Roush drivers, but sometimes you have to go with your gut. Thank you Mr. Kenseth.

Congratulations to Mr. Kyle Busch. He made NASCAR history this past Saturday with two wins in the Truck and Nationwide Series on the same day. He tried to get the threepeat on Sunday, but came up a little short..oh by the way he finished third.

I hate to admit it, but I was flipping back between the race and the Oscars. Even though I hadn’t seen any of the movies except Wall-E and The Dark Knight. I wanted to see Hugh Jackman and also to see if Heath Ledger was going to win best supporting actor. Plus California is not my favorite race.

Looks like Dale Junior had another bad weekend. This time it was mechanical and not self inflicted. Dale Jr. is now sitting 35 in points. The season is still young so he will have a chance to work his way back up the standings, but he has definitely dug himself into a big hole. I am sure Mr. Hendrick will make sure Junior is heading back up the points standings.

I am proud of Stewart Haas Racing. Tony has finished 8th in both races and is now tied with Kurt Busch for third place in the standings. I wish Ryan Newman was having a better time of it, but give it some time, Ryan will be back. I hope Ryan starts to have some better luck beginning next week in Vegas. I mean if anyone needs some lady luck it’s Ryan. He has 1 top 5 and 4 top 10s. Perhaps Ryan call roll the dice this weekend and hit the jackpot.

While looking up things for my post, I noticed some interesting things about the Top 10. Jimmie is no where in sight. He is currently 19th. Of course, this means nothing to this team. It was few years ago where people had Jimmie counted out for the championship…what was he in 8th after Talladega. And of course we all know how that turned out. I think this season is going to be the most interesting in awhile.

Good luck in Vegas boys.

Hit and Run

Sorry for the delay on the California race. I have been trying to get things together at work and at home and to be blunt, I didn’t really give two cents about the race. Every time I looked up Jimmie was leading the race. There would be a caution and a pit stop and Jimmie would come out leading or if he wasn’t he would be shortly. I think Jimmie and Chad have figured some things out and they are making their move. I did find it somewhat amusing the yellow light caused a yellow. Luckily it fell after cars had already passed it.

Richmond is going to be in interesting race. I love Saturday night short track racing. For those boys on the bubble this is it. This is the race you need to make your move. After Saturday night, you are racing for next year so to speak. I believe it it going to be a three person Chase between Kyle, Carl, and Jimmie. Unless someone gets hot during the chase, which could happen, everyone else will be chasing those three.

Other notes…David Stremme to the #12, Dario is going back to Indy cars, Joey L in the 02 car for the Cup race…I think that is it. If I missed something I am sorry. I am tyring to do the best I can with everything these last couple of weeks.

Oh…I am going to CHICAGO the first of October. I am SO EXCITED!!! So if any of you out there have any suggestions for food/sights, please let me know…This will be my first trip to the Windy City.