Hit and Run

Sorry for the delay on the California race. I have been trying to get things together at work and at home and to be blunt, I didn’t really give two cents about the race. Every time I looked up Jimmie was leading the race. There would be a caution and a pit stop and Jimmie would come out leading or if he wasn’t he would be shortly. I think Jimmie and Chad have figured some things out and they are making their move. I did find it somewhat amusing the yellow light caused a yellow. Luckily it fell after cars had already passed it.

Richmond is going to be in interesting race. I love Saturday night short track racing. For those boys on the bubble this is it. This is the race you need to make your move. After Saturday night, you are racing for next year so to speak. I believe it it going to be a three person Chase between Kyle, Carl, and Jimmie. Unless someone gets hot during the chase, which could happen, everyone else will be chasing those three.

Other notes…David Stremme to the #12, Dario is going back to Indy cars, Joey L in the 02 car for the Cup race…I think that is it. If I missed something I am sorry. I am tyring to do the best I can with everything these last couple of weeks.

Oh…I am going to CHICAGO the first of October. I am SO EXCITED!!! So if any of you out there have any suggestions for food/sights, please let me know…This will be my first trip to the Windy City.

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