View from the Suite

Sorry for not keeping up with NASCAR this week.  Work has been crazy and I have been sick as well, so I am thankful for this Labor Day weekend.

Yesterday my beloved Red Raiders kicked off their 2008 campaign.  This is the first time in awhile where we have gotten quite a bit of press.  We are currently ranked #14 in the AP poll.  There are high expectations for the Red Raiders being lead by Graham Harrell and Michael Crabtree.  We opened up last night against Eastern Washington University and I was able to be at the game.  

Here’s the view of the field from where I was watching the game


Now I know you are thinking where in the world was my seat.  I can tell you it was in the nose bleed seats unless you consider sitting in the Texas Tech Athletic Director’s Football Suite a nose bleed seat.  That’s right, Postman and I had some pretty “suite” seats.  I was invited to be a guest coach for yesterday’s game.  This was my second opportunity to be a guest coach.  I was able to be a guest coach on the first game of the football season back during the 2003 campaign.  


I have to say I enjoyed watching the game from the suite.  I was still able to get a feel for the game festivities even from my seat.  I took several pics from the suite and I loved watching the Goin’ Band from Raiderland, who in my opinion, is one of the best collegiate bands out there.  The best part…their entrance onto the field.  When I was a student Tech was all that great in football.  The highlight of some games was watching our band.  No matter what, I love watching the Tech band.



And even I have gotten into the Michael Crabtree spirit.  Notice the crab hat I am wearing.  Yes, I look like a goober, but hey no look is too crazy for this Red Raider fan.  I also have the crab claws as well, but forgot to put them on.  That would have definitely completed my look.

One other thing…this was the cleanest my desk looked all week.  If you notice to the left on the shelf, you can see part of my Tony Stewart Pez Dispenser.  And of course, there’s my picture of Tony on the bulletin board “watching” over me.

I wanted to get something up before I get ready to watch the race tonight.  Jimmie has the pole and I am hoping Tony will get his first win this season.  He starts 14th.  In the spring race, he started 6th and finished 7th.  Go Tony!!!!  

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