Bristol Baby!

I have been watching quite a bit of March Madness yesterday and today. My brackets have taken a big hit today. But as long as I beat Postman at the end of it all I am ok with everything. I did take some chances with a few of my picks and one of them I am worried that it will come back to bite me back in the butt. But here’s hoping—UPDATE–WTF–I KNEW IT! OUCH!!!! UGH!!! Next time I will NOT, I repeat NOT pick Ohio State.

Now back to regular programming…this week the boys are in Bristol for a little short track racing. Congratulations to Mark Martin for his second pole in a row. Now if he can just get that bad racing karma away from him I think he could make a good run on Sunday. I am looking forward to getting back to racing.

I must now head off to bed…my brackets have been destroyed! I need some adult beverage to ease the pain.

March Madness Has Begun

Do you have all your brackets ready?It all starts today.  For the next two weeks it will be all about the brackets in office pools around the country.  I haven’t had a chance to print out a bracket.  I don’t work with people who tend to follow “The Madness”.  I am just getting some of them used to the NASCAR thing.  Baby steps my friend…baby steps.I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter this Sunday.